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Athletic Training
All of McDonald Physical Therapy clinics provide free training room coverage for area high schools. Sports injuries, assessments and referrals are made for area athletes to identify and to facilitate proper treatment of sports injuries. Also sideline coverage for athletic events is provided.


Aquatic Therapy
McDonald Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine now offers aquatic therapy as a part of its' line of rehabilitation services. Aquatic therapy is a beneficial part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Water reduces the effect of gravity and often allows an accelerated rate of recovery. The resistance that water provides enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of aquatic-based exercise.

The staff at McDonald Physical Therapy will utilize aquatic therapy to promote basic concepts of rehabilitation such as range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance. The buoyancy of the water allows for exercises designed to improve ambulation ability and balance issues.


Nursing Home Coverage
Our facility provides a variety of nursing home services including physical, occupational and speech therapies for nursing homes in Sterling, Akron and Wray as well as coverage for area hospitals. Our rehabilitative staff provides comprehensive team based management of rehabilitation for the acute patient as well as the long term care client. McDonald Physical Therapy Services and Skilled Nursing Facilities is providing rehabilitation without equal.


Sterling Hand Clinic
Melanie Northup, OTR and Deena Schendel operate the area's only dedicated hand rehabilitation facility. We care for the most complicated tendon repair protocol to the simplist tendinitis case and anything in between. Our facility is fully equipped with dry fluidotherapy, US, warm water therapy pool, paraffin therapy and BTE computerized work simulator for soft tissue mobilization, post traumatic splinting, and comprehensive arthritis rehabilitation.


WORKsmart cost containment is an in house program for conditional job offer preplacement screening. We screen for 32 different orthopedic conditions including thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel, lumbar and cervical disc derangements, tendinitis, joint instabilities and nerve irritability in the extremities as well as overall flexibility and musculoskeletal fitness.

If you have questions about aquatic therapy, physical therapy or rehabilitation, please contact 970-522-7743 for further information.

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